Great Pyramid Of Pawtucket Mug
Great Pyramid Of Pawtucket Mug

Great Pyramid Of Pawtucket Mug

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The Apex company was founded in 1924. It was originally started as a tire retreading, automotive service and manufacturing business. In 1938 the New England hurricane destroyed the downtown Providence store and all business moved to Pawtucket.  The Apex eventually became a well known department  store. It is located along I-95 and it is a widely recognized local landmark. The structure was built in 1969 by Andrew Geller inspired by the word “Apex” means summit. The design is based around a structure called a ziggurat which is seen in ancient Mesopotamian temples. The strange juxtaposition of a giant white temple like structure set against an aging American industrial mill city really makes this structure stand out. Hence the cheeky “Behold!, The Great Pyramid of Pawtucket” mug was born. 

Blue ceramic 15 0z mug with white ink.

Original design goes all the way around mug.

Dishwasher safe

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